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Me Llamo Miguel

"I'm too sexy for my love, too sexy for my love...."

Miguel (So sexy it hurts...)
6 February
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"Lovin' you is easy cause you're beautiful....."

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Stop analyzing...
You see, there are two kind of people in the world today...
We have, the playaz, and we have, the playa haters...
Please don't hate me because I'm beautiful baby...

Hear what they talk, about me...
But my crew so deep, you can't do, a damn thing, to me...

I love accents, sports (Detroit and University of Michigan), karaoke, glitter, Michael Jackson, gay bars, Subway, traveling, Red Bull, politics, my pets, music/concerts, karaoke, movies, reading, vegetarian food, vintage/thrift stores, shoes and life!

I essentially have this just for community purposes only. Hit me up on Twitter or send a message, if need be!

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"Blowjob Betty was dumb...
A fiend for a fuck and a mouth full of cum..."